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Our Mission

Welcome to Water Wise Design & Decor – Your Destination for Drought-Tolerant Yard Transformations!

At Water Wise Design & Decor, our mission is to empower you to create a resilient and captivating outdoor oasis through our meticulously curated showroom. With an expansive landscape spanning over 2 acres, adorned with enchanting fountains, captivating artificial turf installations, and one-of-a-kind garden art, we invite you to embark on a journey of enhancing both the value and allure of your yard.

Meet the Visionary:

Our founder, Poncho Norcutt, is a connoisseur of yard art with a lifelong passion for crafting and collecting unique pieces. After years of honing his expertise, he has curated an exceptional assortment that now finds its perfect home in our showroom. Poncho's dream is to extend this passion to you, providing the ideal platform to adorn your drought-tolerant yards with remarkable pieces that elevate their charm and appeal.


Join us on this transformative journey as we unveil a world of possibilities for your yard. Water Wise Design & Decor is not just a showroom; it's an embodiment of creativity, sustainability, and the shared dream of crafting exceptional outdoor spaces. Let's redefine the concept of yard art, one drought-tolerant masterpiece at a time!


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